Student Ukulele New 2-3 Days
The Student Ukulele is 23'' in length with Sapele back and sides , Nato Mahogany Neck with a rose wo..
Music Video Production New
Need a Music Video for you're next Big Hit? We offer a wide range of music video styles and pro..
Pioneer MVH-S105UI New
Pioneer MVH-S105UI is loaded with great features, format playback includes Cd,Usb, Sd memory card, I..
Peavey SP 218 New
The Peavey SP 218 is a dual 18 inch bass enclosure that thunders bass down to 41hz, loaded with 2 hi..
FaitalPRO 3FE22Dynamic 3" driver designed to be used for semi full range application, ultra lightwei..
The Eminence Alpha 6A Works great when used as a mid range driver in a compact closed box, it can al..
Eminence ASD1001 2-3 Days
The Eminence Asd1001Rated @ 50 watts 8ohm compression driver  with a minimum crossover frequenc..
August WorkshopIt's time to kick off another basic speaker design workshop, the 26th of August is ou..
FaitalPRO 5FE100This 5" driver has an incredible 5.25mm and a low 65hz resonance frequency, perfect ..
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Crossover Design Guide's

Crossover Design Guide's

admin 15/09/2018 0
123Toid has a great series of video's on youtube, he covers events and reviews and loves Diy."So if you want to learn the basics about electronics and...
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How to pick a speaker

How to pick a speaker

admin 05/04/2018 1
Welcome fellow South African enthusiasts!  This is a basic guide on how to select a speaker, no matter if you are building from scratch or hunting for...
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