The Sound Guy offers a basic range of ready made crossovers from Eminence Speakers which are made in the USA.

We offer different crossovers for bass, 2 way and 3 way speaker systems in various power handling capacities for a range of applications.

They are used to separate and remove different frequencies from going to a speaker, this helps to protect the speaker from playing in a range that could damage the driver.

This style of crossover is called referred to as a passive unit, electronic crossovers are used when a degree of flexibility is required over a passive unit.

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Eminence Px-b23k5

Eminence PX-b23k5This Eminence cross over is a 2 way crossover 400 WATTS RMSCROSSOVER POINT OF ..


Eminence PX-LPAD Out Of Stock

Eminence PX-LPAD

Eminence PX-LPADThis contraption is called an L-pad, a vital part to most builds for a couple of rea..