Guitar speakers

Guitar speakers

We offer a basic range of guitar speakers and upgrades, our core products is Celestion & Eminence.

Looking to do a major performance increase like adding extra bass, we have a wide range of high performance drivers you can select from outside of the normal series.

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Celestion Pulse 10

Celestion Pulse 10Is a great tight bass guitar driver, stack them in groups of 4 or even 8 if you de..


Celestion V Type 12 Guitar speaker

Celestion V Type 12 Guitar speakerThis classic sounding speaker with a balanced vintage musical..


Celestion Vintage 30

Celestion Vintage 30Is a 60 watt 12 inch guitar speaker with a classic H frame assembly with a great..


Eminence Cannabis Rex 12

Eminence Cannabis Rex 12Just as the name suggest the cone is produced out of Hemp, which just happen..


Eminence Ragin Cagun 10

Ragin CajunThe Eminence Ragin Cajun guitar speaker puts you in control to be heard loud and clear...


Eminence Texas Heat 12 16ohm

Eminence TexasThe Eminence Texas Heat is the All-American guitar speaker that's packin heat, Texas s..


Eminences SWAMP THANG 12

Eminences SWAMP THANGDesigned with heavier players in mind, the Swamp Thang provides a thick and chu..


The G12M Creamback

The G12M CreambackIs perhaps the definitive vintage Celestion ceramic magnet guitar speaker. Develop..