Celestion NTR21-5010JD New
Celestion NTR21-5010JDThe first 21" driver on offer from The Sound Guy, we welcome some new blood in..
Celestion CF1840JD New
Celestion CF1840JD 18" Another great bass driver from Celestion, 1200 watts Aes power handling ..
Celestion CF18VJD New
The Celestion CF18VJDAn incredible well balanced high power driver "1600 Aes" with great featur..
Peavey CS 2000 New
Peavey CS 2000 Building on the reputation of the world-famous Peavey CS® 800, which conquered t..
Peavey PVI 2500 New
Peavey PVI 2000 offers great performance and full professional operating features in a road-wor..
Ph-CL 25 Out Of Stock
The P Audio PH-CL25(Converging Lens) is a high frequency wave guide designed for use in line array s..
Eminence ASD1001 2-3 Days
The Eminence Asd1001Rated @ 50 watts 8ohm compression driver  with a minimum crossover frequenc..
August WorkshopIt's time to kick off another basic speaker design workshop, the 26th of August is ou..
FaitalPRO 5FE100This 5" driver has an incredible 5.25mm and a low 65hz resonance frequency, perfect ..
The P Audio SN8-200F Is a high performance wide bandwidth transducer optimized for use in mid bass f..
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Barry & His Open Baffle Speakers

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Audio Geometry New Array

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How to get your music out

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