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Audio Geometry 

Our complete in house solution brings South Africa its first true high performance line array into the market at an affordable value! We are proud to announce the new Dual 6" loaded with state of the art 18Sound drivers is finally here, compact arrays are more than just a trend and have great value for indoor and outdoor applications alike.

The AG La 206 offers 130 decibels of continuous output power, which is exceptional for the size and weighs in under 10kg's per unit. All the rigging is made from aircraft grade aluminium which ensure great strength without packing on the pounds 

We designed the enclosures with some key features, the rigging has a built in notch so you can load cabs onto each other on a pole mount without being concerned that they will fall off. Meaning a single person can load multiple enclosure without the need of additional support, after all this is what compact systems are all about which is ease of use.

The pole mount system can be adjusted to the required throw height, the top mounting system is actually the fly bar too so less hardware is required no matter how you setup!

4 line array modules per side matched with the 2 new SB215 dual bandpass hybrid enclosures are enough to cater for outdoor events of 1800 people.


With a single additional product still to be produced we are heading to a point of cataloguing our entire range which will be produced for the African market.

2 Comment(s)

Neo Maluleke:
29/08/2017, 08:47:57 PM

Good day how much are ur line aareys

System Administrator:
22/09/2017, 11:41:50 AM

Neo, these Line arrays start from R13500 per unit which includes the rigging

06/12/2017, 02:36:36 PM

Hi. Is it possible to get a quote on 4 * AG La 206, 4 * AG SB215. Kind Regards David

System Administrator:
22/03/2018, 03:51:25 PM

Hi David Have you received further details?

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