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Pro Woofers
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Eminence Definimax 4018LF

Well rounded 18"  subwoofer the Eminence Definimax 4018LF is suitable for a wide range of enclo..


Eminence Delta 12A

Eminence Delta 12ARecommended for professional audio as a mid-bass - Mid range or woofer (with high-..


Eminence Delta 12Lfa

Eminence Delta 12LfaLow frequency woofer for pro audio mid-bass or floor monitor applications in a s..


Eminence Delta 15A

Eminence Delta 15ALow frequency woofer for pro audio as a mid-bass or floor monitor in a sealed encl..


Eminence Delta Pro 12A Pre-Order

Eminence Delta Pro 12A

Eminence Delta Pro 12AWith a great overall driver response in sealed and vented enclosures makes thi..


Eminence Delta Pro-8A Pre-Order

Eminence Delta Pro-8A

Eminence Delta Pro-8AHigh sensitivity midrange driver for pro audio or MI. Truncated cast aluminum ..


Eminence Kappa 15Lfa

Eminence Kappa 15LfaLow frequency woofer for pro audio in a vented mid-bass or bass enclosure. Also ..


Eminence Kappa Pro 12A Pre-Order

Eminence Kappa Pro 12A

Eminence Kappa 12AHigh efficiency pro audio driver for vented mid-bass, and vented bass enclosures, ..


Eminence Kappa Pro 15A

The Eminence Kappa pro 15A is a great mid bass and mid range driver and works well for guitar system..


Eminence Kappalite 3015 Pre-Order

Eminence Kappalite 3015

Kappalite 3015This has to be one of our most loved drivers at our office, 100dB sensitivity across a..


Eminence Kilomax 18A

The Eminence Kilomax is one of the most unusual looking drivers on the market, developed to work gre..


Eminence Omega Pro 15A

The Eminence is a great high power woofer suitable for bass reflex enclosures and horns with an aver..


Eminence Omega pro 18A

The Eminence Omega Pro 18A works well in bass reflex enclosures including horns and scoops, though i..


FaitalPRO 10FH520 Pre-Order

FaitalPRO 10FH520

FaitalPRO 10FH520 Neodymium A 10" neodymium woofer  for maximum midbass punch and midrange..


FaitalPRO 10FH530 Pre-Order

FaitalPRO 10FH530

FaitalPRO 10FH530A 10" neodymium woofer is designed for maximum midbass punch and midrange clarity w..