Pro Woofers

Pro Woofers
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FaitalPRO 10HP1020 Pre-Order

FaitalPRO 10HP1020

FaitalPRO 10HP1020 Neodymium A 10" woofer is designed for maximum midbass punch and midrange cl..


FaitalPro 10PR300

FaitalPro 10PR300This is one fine 10" woofer with a power handling of 300 watts Aes and an xmax of 4..


FaitalPRO 12HP1060 Neo Pre-Order

FaitalPRO 12HP1060 Neo

FaitalPRO 12HP1060 Neodymium When you need a high power 12" woofer that's ready to compact line..


FaitalPRO 12PR300 Pre-Order

FaitalPRO 12PR300

FaitalPRO 12PR300 Neodymium Features an extended frequency response to 5000hz, weighing in at 3..


FaitalPRO 12PR310 Pre-Order

FaitalPRO 12PR310

FaitalPRO 12PR310One of the best affordable high performance drivers on the market with a power hand..


FaitalPRO 12RS1066 Pre-Order

FaitalPRO 12RS1066

FaitalPRO 12RS1066 NeodymiumIs one of those drivers that just want to be played loud and hard, excep..


FaitalPro 15FX560 Neo Driver

FaitalPro 15FX560Getting down to business the Fx560 is a great machine with an incredible xmax of 9...


FaitalPRO 15H500 Neo Driver

FaitalPRO 15H500Another great driver from FaitalPro the 15H500 has all the right parameters for a wi..


FaitalPRO 15HP1030 Pre-Order

FaitalPRO 15HP1030

FaitalPRO 15HP103012.45mm of xmax coupled by 1000 watts of input power means more bass in this space..


FaitalPRO 15HP1060 Neo Pre-Order

FaitalPRO 15HP1060 Neo

FaitalPRO 15HP1060 NeodymiumThe Hp series series are solid performers, the 15HP1060 is no exception ..


FaitalPRO 15XL1400 Neo Pre-Order

FaitalPRO 15XL1400 Neo

FaitalPRO 15XL1400 NeodymiumThe 15XL1400 is an incredible 15" driver that meets the highest demands ..


FaitalPRO 1600XL Neo Pre-Order

FaitalPRO 1600XL Neo

FaitalPRO 1600XL Neodymium Deep ultra high excursion driver technology separates the men from the mi..


FaitalPRO 18HP1010

FaitalPRO 18HP1010Delivers excellent bass response with 9.75mm xmax and 1000 watts power handling fo..


FaitalPRO 18HP1060

FaitalPRO 18HP1060The FaitalPRO 18H1060 is a Neo power house with 1200 watts of Aes power handling a..


FaitalPRO 18HP1060 Neo Pre-Order

FaitalPRO 18HP1060 Neo

FaitalPRO 18HP1060 Neodymium A rock solid bass driver that has an excellent power handling of 1..