Enclosure Designs

Enclosure Designs

The Sound Guy Design

Unlike our competitors in the market we have decided to go the extra mile for all our loyal supporters, when you take one of our drivers we give you the basic box design that best meets the requirements of the driver for free!

Every speaker is matched to it's own enclosure to give you the best performance possible, no more guess work or spending countless ours trying to research.

Outside of a Generic enclosure we can tailor the enclosures to various shapes and tuning of your liking as an additional service, so if you dont want a bass reflex enclosure and rather a band pass we have you covered. 

Dont have the tools to assemble or make the enclosure?

Solution 1:

Pre cut enclosures fully assembled, we call these blanks which is 85% complete the only thing you need to do is paint install grills and accessories of your choice.

Blank enclosures can save you vast amounts of money giving you a solid design yet still gives you the chance to DIY your own project.

Solution 2:

Flat pack enclosures are designed to the woofer specifications, the wood is then packed in a pack for you to assemble from start to finish.

Flat packs are great fun as it gives you the chance to do most of the assembly, they are quick to produce and you can have the flat pack within a 5 to 7 working days on non stock items or full custom cabs.

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