Work Shops

Work Shops

So you want to learn how to build speakers?

Well we hold group class's to help you learn just about everything we know, we have theory and practical rolled up into 2 basic separate workshops. The workshops are designed to give you a soft introduction to a speaker building to help you make better choice's.

These workshops are held on weekends and run from 9 am to 7 pm following a social braai and some drinks to have a open discussion between members. 

Group Workshops: R85.00 covers workshop + food and drinks

Theory workshops 

  • What is a speaker, get to know and understand how a driver works and learn the lingo
  • The difference between driver types and the use's for each application - Car, Home and Pro Gear
  • Working with parameters and what does it all mean
  • Selecting and comparing drivers for a given application
  • Speaker enclosure types, the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Enclosure design theory, basic 101 how to develop your product from idea to paper
  • Assembly, the last step in our basic theory workshop and you should by now have a good informed understanding to Diy your next system

Practical Workshops

  • From an idea to a calculated plan, time finalize your design and get ready to make it
  • Wood types, advantages and disadvantages we investigate the material
  • Optimization of sheet goods, define the cost of assembly and prep for cutting
  • Overview of required tools to get the job done, we look at multiple tools for the job and take a practical approach by doing a hands on and safely
  • How to make templates, what is a template and how can this help you work faster and neater
  • We cut and assemble an enclosure, we show you the right way to go about the whole process
  • Prep for painting, often overlooked but a vital part to finish the job we look at a range of solutions and problems. 

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Theory Workshop

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