Complete Speaker Systems

Complete Speaker Systems

When in doubt take a complete speaker system, we have a couple of pre made systems and some kits we have put together to cover everything from Mobile Dj's to Church's and Schools. We have added some great value by hand selecting products and kits which can also be upgraded or change to match your budget from playing music for 50 people to 5000 people in both active and passive arrangements.

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Peavey Audio Performer Pack

So you looking for a budget complete Pa system simple enough to play and play with everything you ne..


Peavey Escort 3000

The Escort series integrates the entire PA system into one complete, easy to use, easy to transport,..


Peavey Escort 5000

The Peavey Escort 5000 is one up from the 3000 set, boasting more power and extra inputs!The Escort ..


Peavey TriFlex II

The Peavey TriFlex II is a second generation system with some key changes that enhance performance a..