Eminence Speakers

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Alpha 4-8Perfectly suited for line arrays, car doors and side panels, and other tight fitting applic..


Eminence Px-b23k5

Eminence PX-b23k5This Eminence cross over is a 2 way crossover 400 WATTS RMSCROSSOVER POINT OF ..


Eminence Alpha 6A Save!

Eminence Alpha 6A

The Eminence Alpha 6A Works great when used as a mid range driver in a compact closed box, it can al..

R1,056 R880

Eminence Alpha 8A

Eminence Alpha 8ARecommended for professional audio mid-range applications in a sealed cabinet, or a..


Eminence Alphalite 6A Pre-Order

Eminence Alphalite 6A

Eminence Alphalite 6AWeighing in at a 1kg the Alphalite is a good leap forward from the standard Alp..


Eminence Apt150

The Eminence Apt150s is a super tweeter with 35 watts Aes power handling with a minimum crossover po..


Eminence Apt200 Pre-Order

Eminence Apt200

Eminence Apt200The Eminence Apt150s is a super tweeter with 35 watts Aes power handling with a minim..


Eminence ASD1001 2-3 Days

Eminence ASD1001

The Eminence Asd1001Rated @ 50 watts 8ohm compression driver  with a minimum crossover frequenc..


Eminence Beta 10-CX Pre-Order

Eminence Beta 10-CX

Eminence Beta 10-CXIs a coaxial driver that works well in a vented enclosure as a satellite or monit..


Eminence Beta 10A Save!

Eminence Beta 10A

The Eminence Beta 10ARecommended for professional audio, bass guitar, mid-bass or floor monitor appl..

R1,488 R1,240

Eminence Beta 8-CX Pre-Order

Eminence Beta 8-CX

Eminence Beta 8-CXRecommended for professional audio midrange reproduction in sealed enclosures. A..


Eminence Beta 8A

Eminence Beta 8ARecommended for professional audio mid-bass applications or as a woofer in vented en..


Eminence BETA-12LTA

Beta-12LTARecommended for professional audio as a woofer in small sealed monitors, or as a PA woofer..


Eminence Cannabis Rex 12

Eminence Cannabis Rex 12Just as the name suggest the cone is produced out of Hemp, which just happen..


Eminence Definimax 4015LF Save!

Eminence Definimax 4015LF

Well rounded 15"  subwoofer the Eminence Definimax 4015LF is suitable for a wide range of enclo..

R4,224 R3,520