Eminence H2EA

Eminence H2EA

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Eminence H2EA horn flare

Aluminum cast the H12EA is a high quality 2" horn, works well with most 2" bolt on diaphragms, suitable for users who are wanting a premium well researched horn for pro audio applications. The Eminence H2EA 60° x 40° 2" horn features durable cast aluminum construction and an exponential flare geometry that optimizes acoustical loading and high frequency efficiency. Although its mouth area requires minimal baffle space, the H2EA horn operates down to 700 Hz and provides excellent functionality when deployed in venues of any size. A 60° x 40° dispersion pattern maintains maximum directivity and gain, keeping the horn's coverage well-controlled and focused.

In addition to the aluminum horn body's high mechanical strength, its ability to couple to high frequency drivers thermally results in a measured 25°F reduction in operating temperature. The utility of this heat sink advantage is especially obvious when using neodymium drivers, and results in improved reliability and reduced power compression.

Thanks to extensive FEA-optimized testing, as well as extensive listening evaluations, the Eminence H2EA reproduces its intended frequency range without coloration, diffraction effects, or distortion. Recommended for pro audio multi-way loudspeakers, stage monitors, and high output cinema systems. 


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