Single 6th order parallel tuned bandpass

Single 6th order parallel tuned bandpass

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The Sound Guy Difference, when buying any Pro Audio driver we will help you with a suggest box design which gives you additional value of more the R650.00. We love sound as much as you do and we want to make you're experience shopping at the The Sound guy valuable. 

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So you already have speakers but need to match it to the right enclosure, grab our premium speaker box designs and we will tailor design the right box to match your speaker. The Single 6th order parallel tuned bandpass design can be for a car or pro sub woofer application, tuned to meet 3 basic degrees of performance

A Single 6th order parallel tuned bandpass enclosure can provide higher output potential of a closed box and a bass reflex design, the drawback is less bandwidth, in order to increase the bandwidth we sacrifice some spl. These designs are often in favor towards stronger cones and are designed to give more kick, rather than deep bass

Extended Bass: 

This type of design features a larger than life enclosure and is optimized to provide DEEP low end at the expense of loudness and power handling

High output & compact touring

Sacrificing some of the low end, this design is optimized to deliver a high power handling to achieve greater Spl for sound reinforcement applications 

Optimized F3

The optimal enclosure requires a little more design time to to give the speaker the lowest bass note and keep the maximum loudness and power handling, or we will design the enclosure to roll off at a given frequency.

Important note, this service is only available to pro audio drivers that comply with international standards and have full basic TS parameters.


Standard parcels up to 50 kg's are R200, Gauteng  region only. aditional shipping charges may apply to all other zones.

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